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À propos de l'artiste:

Pays :  Maroc
With the success of his first single "Ya Salam" Ahmed Soultan reveals himself as the precursor of a new style he likes to name : the Afrobian Soul,for Afro-Arabian. His album Tolerance has been so greatly welcomed ,and it has been given such a wide media coverage,that Ahmed Soultan has soon become one of the figureheads of the "Nayda" ,the new Moroccan scene. After a second album,released in 2009,in which he definitely asserts himself,his popularity in and over the Maghreb got confirmed. Singing in four languages ( Amazigh,Arabic,English and French),he has been part of many international musical events,among which we can name the Kora Awards in South Africa, the opening of a Tiken Jah Fakoli concert in Dakar ,his contribution to the People Power song (beside Talib Kweli, Angelique Kidjo or Zap Mama ),Fez's Sacred Musics Festival, Marrakech's Moonfest, Casablanca Music Festival and many other European scenes (Barcelona, Amsterdam, Paris) Along the years,he gets involved in various promising projects : he signs the original soundtrack of Rhimou,a successful sitcom broadcasted in Morocco and more ; he collaborates with the famous American singer Ne-Yo, on a song called " Amazing You " ; in 2011,his song " Jokko " is nominated as best North African song and best African reggae song of the year... Still largely supported by the medias,in the African continent and also in the Arab World,his singles "Ya Salam " and "Koula Lila" accompanied the opening of MTV Arabia and were regularily played on Maghreb channels. He's now working on his third album ( planned for Spring 2013 ),for which he promises amazing and unexpected collaborations... He has also just given an interview,as well as a Live,on BBC World TV and BBC Radio 1,that will be broadcasted all over the world from next friday ( 20th April ). At least, this is about a very non- typical artist, the kind who takes all the time he needs to make his own way... From Taroudant to Osaka, via London, Paris or Los Angeles ,taking part to the development of his native land ( where he's still living ), and eager to offer a fair and tolerant view of Africa and the whole Arab World.


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  • ahmed-soultan-dwa-diali-my-medicine

    Ahmed Soultan Dwa Diali My Medicine

  • ahmed-soultan-afrobian

    Ahmed Soultan Afrobian

  • ahmed-soultan-binatna

    Ahmed Soultan Binatna

  • ahmed-soultan-ana-o-rassi

    Ahmed Soultan Ana O Rassi

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